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WENDY McDOUGALL - Photographer /
                                      Company Coordinator

Wendy has been part of Pork Chop since the company began in 1995.

For Pork Chop Wendy has:
-Taken still photographs for every play

- Produced the film components for ‘Stow & The Dragon’ and the 1996 production of ‘Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead’

- Was curator for an exhibition of artworks called ‘Pigs On The Wall’, and co produced the debates of ‘Hogwash’, both for The Festival of The Pig in 1997

- Produced the play ‘WANK’ in 1998

- Represented Pork Chop when working with Theatre Hydra, a collaborative group involving five independent theatre companies.

Aside from this... Wendy is a freelance photographer. She combines her time shooting documentary photographs, working in the entertainment industry, making books and producing her own projects. This has been an ongoing lifestyle since 1981.

Exhibitions: Wendy has shown her work in 12 solo and 48 group exhibitions since 1984. Photographs have been shown in various venues including the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra and Stills Gallery, Hyde Park, Museum of Sydney and the NSW State Library in Sydney.

Photographs by Wendy McDougall are held in the collections of The National Library of Australia, NSW State Library, Museum of Sydney and private collections.

Wendy was a vegetarian when she joined Pork Chop. These days she has relented on the choice of meaty morsels but still cant bring herself to get her chops into pork. Maybe its the cute logo?

For more info go to: www.wendymcdougall.com.au

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