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By Reg Cribb

Sydney Opera House
16th June – 23rd July

Octagon Theatre, Perth
3rd – 20th August


Starring: Jacki Weaver

David James
Alan Dukes
Kirstie Hutton
George Shevtsov
Michael Tuahine
Kate Mulvany


Jeremy Sims - director
Reg Cribb - writer
Mouche Phillips - producer
Tom Gutteridge - associate director
Andrew Raymond - designer
Andrew Lake - lighting designer
Paul Charlier - composer
Nicole Robinson - stage manager
Luke Woodham - assistant stage manager
Kirsty Hillhouse - movement director
Wendy McDougall - photographer

"...this is theatre-makinf with its own promise of gratness" SMH
"This wild, passionate and funny show is about the destruction of a dream." THE AUSTRALIAN

Jacki Weaver is Ruby Constance, a woman with a past as rich as the dreams of her future. As she sits at her favourite pokie machine, The Dancing Lady’, with only one coin left to her name, her life swirls around her in a cavalcade of memories. Memories that tell the history of Australia’s post-war past and tantalise us like the $50,000 jackpot that hangs over Ruby’s head. Her pokie machine is her only friend, her confidante and her confessor. As we trawl through the scattered remnants of Ruby’s life, we watch a little orphan girl from Sydney drag herself out of the gutter to become a Tivoli star only to eventually find herself lost amongst a sea of pokies in a suburban RSL.

This is a story of a survivor, a woman who would risk everything to ensure a better life for her grand-daughter but with only one thing left to gamble: her precious lucky coin. If she drops the coin into the slot, will she win the jackpot or lose all that is left of her?