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Conceived by Darren Gilshenan
Written by The Players

Stables Theatre, Sydney
12th September - 6th October
double bill with
‘Stow & The Dragon’ by Sean O’Shea


Darren Gilshenan
Reg Cribb
Andrew McDonell
Richard Sydneham
Ben Grant

Mik Beckley - director
David Anthony - lighting designer
Tony David Cray - sound design
Janet Charleton - choreographer
Wendy McDougall - photography

"Bites, vogues and sweats itself into a physically comic dew!" SMH 1996

The Players is a one hour long comedy show with music. The production will be primarily non-verbal employing music, rhythm, dance, slapstick and physical storytelling. It follows the story of five hopefuls to the big state of Denmark, a world of high fashion and cutlery. We share in their dreams and aspirations as they sing about leaving long time unemployment for their Big break. Their travels lead them to audition before Prince Hamlet himself.

Unfortunately their audition pieces which include an interpretive ballet, a Japanese Buto routine and a bell ringing performance blind folded is not quite what Hamlet was looking for, but all the same this group of consummate professionals becomes the Kings Players. The Dumb Show which is performed before the court changes the tone of the show. Through dialogue, singing and movement the real skill of this group is explored.