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Last Cab To Darwin

By Reg Cribb and Jeremy Sims

release in Australia August 2015

To live your life, you've got the learn to share it first...

Rex, a Broken Hill cab driver, has spent his life avoiding getting close to people. One day, he discovers he is dying of stomach cancer. He doesn't want to be forced to rely on anyone so he decides to leave his home and drive alone the 3000 kms across the continent to Darwin, where the recently passed euthanasia laws lead him to believe he can be in control of his own death. On this epic journey he does things and meets people who force him to re-evaluate his life.

Key Cast
Michael Caton - Rex
Jacki Weaver - Dr Farmer
Ningali Lawford-Wolf - Polly
Michael Coles Smith - Tilly
Emma Hamilton - Julie

Executive Producers
Ned Lander, Edward Simpson, Ian Darling, Mark Nelson, Andrew Myer, Prue MacLeod, Jon Adgemis, Chris Cuffe, Natasha Cuffe

Director - Jeremy Sims
Producers - Greg Duffy, Lisa Duff, Jeremy Sims
Cinematographer - Steve Arnold ACS
Production Designer - Clayton Chauncey
Editor - Marcus D'Arcy
Music Composer - Ed Kuepper
Casting Agent - Kirsty McGregor
First Ad - Steve Andrews
Lighting Designer - Andy Robertson
Hair/Make up Designer - Beverly Freeman
Costume Designer - Jane Johnston
Sound Recordist - Will Sheridan
Sound Designer - Simon Lister
Key Grip - Marcus Bosisto
Camera Operator - John Platt
Production Manager - Sally Clarke
Script Supervisor - Sophie Fabbri Jackson
Art Director - Andrew Raymond
Stills and EPK - Wendy McDougall
Publicity - Di Campisi
Production Accountant - Samantha Scowcroft

Distributed by ICON Film Distribution