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Short film festival

An installation event with
six lounge rooms and over fifty short films from around
Australia and the world

upstairs at
the Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
2nd - 8th July 1997


curated by
Lou Grech and Danni Landa

Themed rooms were:
A Lounge of Love
designed by Caitin Mulrooney

The House of Schlock Horror
designed by Shaun Chatfield & Katrina Rhodes

The Animation Cell
designed by Henry Richards

The Road Block
Designed by Jason Hugonnet

The Other Room
designed by Sozia Bria

Contributing directors:
Alicia Walsh, Angus Gordon, Bill Marsden, Chris Caines, Chris Stollery, Christina Andreef, Deborah Szapiro, Jif Morison, Justin Case, Kate Gillick, Kieran Darcy-Smith, Linden Goh, Marcus Gale, Mark Forstmann, Matthew Saville, Matt Gorrie, Megan Manning, Michelle Chanique, Nash Edgerton, Sally Chesher, Nicole Moon, Patrick Nolan, Paul French, Rhonda Martin, Robert Connelly, Roger Joyce, Rowan Woods, Scott Patterson, Stephen Jenner, Terry Serio, Troy Campbell-Davies, Wendy McDougall & Whitney Fitsimmons